Bertrand Area Communities for Kids (C4K)

As a community, we all care about the kids in Bertrand. There is a lot of community support through school, sporting events, and church activities throughout the year. The one thing that our community has a shortage of is childcare! We LOVE and greatly appreciate our current providers, but the fact is…their capacity is FULL, and they have waiting lists for children to get in. This leaves parents with tough decisions to make. Possible solutions for them: quit their jobs, haul kids to care out of town, change their jobs, move out of town, transfer to a different school… none of these solutions support Bertrand. In most homes, both parents work outside of the home, so it is necessary to have childcare. To maintain an adequate workforce and opportunity for our town to grow, it is essential to ensure there is childcare available when needed.

The Bertrand Area Community 4 Kids (C4K) Core Team has been working hard to meet the childcare needs in the area. Within the past year, we have provided support, resources, and supplies for our current providers, as well as planning possible solutions to help solve current and future childcare needs.

We have complied a short survey that will help us address the age of children in the area in need of childcare, along with the time of day the childcare is needed. If you are parents (or future parents) of children ages 0-9 years, please scan the QR code to take our brief survey ONLINE!

If you prefer a paper form, there will be paper copies available at the Village Office. Also, be on the lookout for them in your kids’ backpacks as they will be sent home with elementary school students. The team will be using the data collected to put forth a plan to address our community’s childcare needs.

Please check out Bertrand Area Community for Kids on Facebook! The survey can be found on there as well at Bertrand Area Community for Kids.

If you have any questions or would like more info, please contact Melissa Nevarez at 308-455-0579 or send a message on our Facebook page. Thank you for your participation in our survey and thank you for your support as we continue to move forward with our plans. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!