Emergency Contacts
Fire/Emergency: 911
Village Ordinance Officer, James Nelson: 308-999-7956
Phelps County Sheriff’s Department: 308-995-5692
Gosper County Sheriff’s Department: 308-785-2420
Nebraska State Patrol: 308-535-4115
Fire Chief, Kevin Stehl: 308-472-5305
Utilities Superintendent, Matt Gregg: 308-991-8045
Village Office: 308-472-3455
National Response Center: 800-424-8802
Poison Control Center: 800-955-9119

Do not endanger yourself or others in an effort to put out a fire in your surroundings. If a fire occurs, and as time permits:
1. Notify everyone of the fire emergency by voice or pull the nearest fire alarm. Spread the alarm and use the closest designated exit away from danger.
2. Check all doors to exit ways with the back of the hand prior to opening. DO NOT open doors that are hot to the touch or if you see heavy smoke coming through the cracks. Use alternate exit. Open warm doors carefully. Be prepared to shut the door if heavy smoke comes in when opened. If you must exit through smoke, stay low out of the smoke and superheated air. DO NOT use elevators.
3. Close all doors behind you on your way out of the building. Assist the handicapped and disabled. Walk, do not run.
4. Call 911 from a safe distance away from the fire. If this cannot be done safely, exit the building and use a cell phone or a phone at a nearby residence or business. Be sure to give the operator your name, exact location of the fire and any other pertinent information needed. Do not hang up until the operator releases you, unless in immediate danger.
5. After leaving the building DO NOT go back inside for any reason.

Tornado Watch: A tornado watch is issued when there is a potential for tornado activity. Stay alert and be prepared to take shelter. If possible, listen to weather monitor or AM/FM radio weather reports.
Tornado Warning: A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted in the area and immediate protective action should be taken at once. The siren will sound continuously for 3 minutes. Go to shelter upon sounding of warning sirens. The Village’s public tornado shelter is the Fire Hall located at 516 Minor Avenue.