James Nelson, Village Ordinance Officer

I would like to remind everyone of the Village’s Ordinance No. 4-301, which requires all vehicles within the Municipality (both on streets and on private property) that are not fully enclosed in a garage to be legally licensed and in running condition. If you have a vehicle that you do not use regularly, please make sure you maintain current registration and operability. If you have a vehicle you are currently working on but does not run, you can apply for a hobby permit at the Village Office. This includes demolition cars. If you have a vehicle that does not run and you no longer want it, but don’t know what to do with it, please contact me or the Village Office at 308-472-3455. I can help find a solution for it, even at no cost to you. If you have a vehicle that falls under the definition of an abandoned vehicle and no action is taken after receiving notice from the Village, you can receive a fine (for each day that it remains abandoned) or the vehicle may even be towed at your expense. Thank you for your help in keeping Bertrand clean.